Commercial Insurance is Important to Business Owners

by R&I Consultants

Many business owners may take commercial insurance for granted, not knowing how important it really is. Many see it as too expensive or something to deal with at a later date. Others don’t have any performance expectations for it; therefore, they don’t create a long-term plan. At Risk & Insurance Consultants, we teach our clients that commercial insurance is important.

In fact, expenses for commercial insurance in most organizations are normally only second to direct payroll and other related employee benefit costs. That means it’s high up the totem pole in terms of importance. That’s why we educate our clients so that they understand that commercial insurance matters. Plus, we develop a long-term partnership with them and give the best return for their insurance dollars.

Our commercial insurance consultants offer all types of coverage. Of course, we provide the three primary types, liability, property and workers’ compensation insurance.

1.    Liability insurance protects our clients against damages inflicted on third parties, risks of liabilities by personal injuries, lawsuits and similar claims.
2.    Property insurance covers damages to property within places of business, such as a fire or flood damage.
3.    Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses in case employees are injured on the job.

Besides the “big three,” we offer surety bonds, umbrella, health and benefits, business auto and specialty coverage such as environmental, builders risk and error and omissions.

All of these lines of commercial insurance are crucial for any successful business. One mishap without them can cause much more stress and even devastating financial loss than the time and cost it takes to obtain the appropriate insurance.

After reading this post, we hope that you understand the importance of commercial insurance. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us today. Just call 404-459-5975.

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