A Tree Story

by R&I Consultants

Tree service and homeowners insurance in AtlantaImagine that you have a giant oak tree in your front yard. It shades your front porch. It also helps to keep your home cool in summer and breaks the wind in the fall. This tree has been a play ground for your children. They have climbed in it, swung from its branches and have even built a tree house in it. Over the years, this tree has truly become a part of your home and even your family.

Since it’s so important, have you taken the proper precautions to maintain this tree? Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your home from the damage this tree may cause? If not, this would be a great time to consider how to protect your home and family from tree damage.

Though as lovely as a grand oak tree may seem close to your home, it’s always good to prune branches. Large branches over your home may cause roof damage. Damage may range from heavy branches breaking through the roof to leaves clogging the soffits. Build up of these leaves and branches on your roof may also cause decay to your shingles. Also, keep your soffits and roof clean from debris to help protect the inside of your home from water damage and mold.

Furthermore, trees, like this giant oak tree, take the brunt of storms. They are pushed and pulled by strong winds and struck by lightning. Large and heavy trees, whose root systems are extensive, may fall when the ground is saturated with water. They may even tend to lean. These are tell-tale signs that your tree needs to be tended to. This would be a great time to consult an arborist, or licensed tree removal service.

Here are some items to consider when choosing an arborist or tree service:

•    Are they experienced in working near power lines or around residential buildings?
•    Can the tree be saved by trimming or will it need complete removal?
•    Will the tree service remove all the debris?
•    Will they grind and remove the stump?
•    Are they insured?

Before any work starts on your property, be sure to obtain a certificate of insurance from the tree service showing their general liability, automobile liability and workers’ compensation coverage. No work should be allowed to start without a certificate.

You can never predict when a severe storm may affect your home. Take these steps to prevent damage. It may save you the aggravation of having to file an insurance claim later.

A tree in your yard is your responsibility. It is an extended member of your family and, like the rest of your family, it needs to have the proper care.

For more tips on tree service or other items related to homeowners insurance in Atlanta, call Risk & Insurance Consultants today at 404-459-5975.

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