Our New Building is Getting a Makeover

by Jill Kitchen

About two months ago, we unveiled our new building in all of its pre-demo/build-out glory. Things are moving right along, and we have updates to share.

Alas, the groovy wall is gone and is getting fresh paint.

Wall Before and During
We extended the second story floor adjacent to this beautiful sunny catwalk and walled off the open end. Now, we have usable space for sunny offices.

Catwalk Before and DuringOffice Space Before and During

The second floor reception area needed a facelift. Walls were pushed out, the desk removed and a new custom desk is in process.

Reception Area Before and During

There is no photo of what used to be considered a “kitchen”. Though there was a sink, refrigerator and dishwasher, to call it a galley kitchen would have been generous. Our new kitchen space is coming along nicely! It opens to a large break room that will have tables and chairs.

Kitchen During

We’ve added a few offices to the open end of the large second floor in a way that still allows lots of sunlight in the space.

Upstairs Offices Before and During

Directly opposite the above pictures, we’ve moved walls (on the right of photo) to accommodate the improved reception area. We’ve also painted the columns to be rid of the peachy-salmon color that no one liked!

Office Before and During

So, we are moving right along. Well, our extraordinary General Contractor Carol is moving right along!  We are still working in the insurance business, and in our busiest month of the year.

If you have any insurance needs, just call our insurance agents in Sandy Springs today at 404-459-5975.

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