It Can Pay to Pay More for Auto Insurance

by R&I Consultants

Auto insurance in Sandy SpringsAuto insurance seems like a no brainer. You get it because it’s required. You buy the cheapest option possible and avoid thinking too much about the little confusing details of your contract.

But with the kids out of school and lobbying for an expensive out-of-town vacation, your  home’s air conditioning driving up the electric bill, and daily summer thunderstorms raining chunks of hail and tree branches down on your roof, summer expenses can add up surprisingly quickly for shocking totals. What if you had to add car repairs because your insurance did not cover what you thought it did? Could your bank account take all those hits?

While you may save in the short term by paying the lowest possible monthly insurance bill, it may cost you more in the long term.  In the event of an accident that damages your vehicle or injures those inside, inexpensive auto insurance might not give you the coverage you need. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Your independent agent should look at other markets every few years to make sure you’re with a carrier providing the most cost effective solution. While a recent study by J.D. Power shows that automobile owners’ satisfaction with their auto insurers is at an all-time high, not all auto insurers are equal. If you need a less expensive monthly auto insurance bill, some companies can give you more bang for your buck. Your agent can make sure you are getting all discounts you are eligible for, and save even more money when combining auto with homeowners or renters insurance.  So, don’t just go with the one of the insurance companies on TV that promises a fast, cheap quote.

Our agents will take the time to explain what you will be entitled to in the event of an accident, as well as the common exclusions and restrictions of your policy. If you need low-cost, no-frills coverage, there are additional money saving exclusions an agent can request such as eliminating coverage for drivers under 25, for permissive drivers or coverage that would extend to a rental car.

But, if you have an accident while covered under cut-rate insurance, you may be picking up the bill yourself, a bill that may be well into the six digits and beyond. For more information on why it pays to pay more for auto insurance, click here.

Get adequate coverage this summer, and drive knowing how much, or how little your personal exposure is. To request a quote or learn more about quality auto insurance in Sandy Springs, call us at 404-459-5975.

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