Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
Your home is one of your largest investments. We can provide coverage for the roof over your head and everything under it. Are you getting all the discounts to which you are entitled? Let us review you coverage and make sure.

Auto Insurance
In addition to the liability insurance the law requires you to carry, we can help you with other coverage that could save you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or natural disaster that damages or destroys your vehicle or injures you or your passengers. Do you know what limits you have and what those limits mean? Most people do not know because they find insurance to be confusing or perhaps even overwhelming. We can explain it simply and thoroughly and make sure you understand your level of protection.

Renter’s Insurance
While your landlord should have insurance coverage for the building in which you live, renters insurance provides coverage for your furniture and personal possessions in the event they are damaged or destroyed due to fire, lightning, (theft?) vandalism, and plumbing leakage. Renter’s policies generally have small premiums in comparison to the cost of replacing all your possessions. In addition, if you obtain renter’s insurance and car insurance from the same carrier, you can receive a discount, just like with homeowners insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance
The open road is always an adventure. You never know what might be around the bend. So make sure you are prepared for whatever the road has in store for you by carrying adequate coverages and limits.

Condominium Insurance
Your condominium association has an insurance policy for common areas, like the building exterior and walkways. You are still responsible for insuring your interests such as your personal property and yourself from liability. You may also be responsible for certain deductibles in the association’s master policy. Our expert can review your association’s master policy and help you uncover any gaps.

Flood Insurance
Your homeowners insurance takes care of all related costs, yes or no? Answer: Not at all! Why? Because damage caused by flood is specifically excluded from all homeowners policies. You need to have a separate flood insurance policy in order to be covered. Flood insurance is something most homeowners never think they need until it is too late!

Personal Umbrella
An umbrella policy (excess liability) is the additional protection you need in case a judgment against you exceeds the liability limits of your existing auto or homeowners policy. The premium for this coverage is minimal in comparison with the protection it provides in these litigious times. You do not have to BE a millionaire to be sued like one!

Boat & Watercraft Insurance
While probably one of your most treasured possessions, your boat, or other watercraft can also be your most vulnerable – at risk to storms, strong winds, theft, and accidents. Boat coverage will provide coverage for your boat and for you and your passengers.

We appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making every client feel like they are the most important client you have. Jason and Kelly Shifflett, Shifflett Enterprises