Texting and Driving Affects Car Insurance in Atlanta

by R&I Consultants

Car insurance in AtlantaYou see it on the freeways, back roads and even parking lots. Texting and driving has become a norm—which is scary. Throughout the country, texting and driving is illegal. The same is true in Georgia, and the action can negatively affect your car insurance in Atlanta. Read on to learn out how.

First, here is the state’s texting law:

All drivers are prohibited from writing, sending or reading any text based communication, including but not limited to a text message, instant message, email or Internet date. Offenders will be subject to prosecution and penalties.

These penalties include $150 fines, points against driving records and increased car insurance rates. They will increase because the cost of covering injuries and damage resulting from car accidents is expensive.

Plus, if you cause an accident due to texting and driving, it is a personal liability in Georgia. You can receive up to two years of jail time or face being personally sued if someone is injured.

The next time you drive, remember to put down your phone until you reach your destination. Otherwise, you can seriously be impacted.

For more regarding texting and driving, give Risk & Insurance Consultants a call at 404-459-5975. Then, take the text free driving pledge!

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