Healthcare Reform: What it Means for Employees

by R&I Consultants

Health insurance in AtlantaIn our last healthcare post, we discussed what healthcare reform means for employers. Today, we will share what it means for employees and why health insurance in Atlanta is important.

On Monday, the Energy and Commerce Committee in DC came out with a report titled Obamacare Rate Shocker. What’s the shocker? Well, Obamacare is set to cause premiums to spike nationwide. These spikes are due to all of the new policies, mandates, taxes and fees that will come into full effect in eight months.

In fact, some premiums for those purchasing health insurance on the individual market may face increases as much as 400 percent. If you purchase individual health insurance, it may be time to check out insurance options provided by your place of employment.

Additionally, small business can expect increases in the small group market of 50 to 100 percent. Though not as high as individual increases, this means that employees will pay more to receive health insurance through their employers. Also, the tax advantages for small groups may be inadequate, and, due to the administration’s inability to meet deadlines, there may be delays in regulations.

Though rates are predicted to increase, having health insurance in Atlanta is crucial. Just think about the costs of healthcare when you don’t have insurance!

To learn more about what the healthcare reform means for employees, call Blake Molina, our Health and Benefits Account Executive, at 678-681-6555 or Donna, our Health and Benefits Practice Leader, at 678-681-6552.

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