Our Personal Insurance Consultants can Help You Save

by R&I Consultants

Insurance consultants can help you saveHave you been with your current insurance carrier for so long you don’t think anyone else could do better? If the answer is yes, you could be missing out on the opportunity to lower your insurance costs. Our personal insurance consultants can help!

The fact of life is things do not remain constant. Policies are ever-changing, and though loyalty is much appreciated, by keeping the same policy for 10 plus years, you could be doing yourself a disservice.

10 years ago, the circumstances which led you to utilize a particular insurance carrier were most likely different than what they are today. Perhaps you have a child who just got a drivers license or had a different or newer vehicle back then. Maybe your credit score has changed, you are older, or there were losses, claims or violations on your record that no longer exist.

In the past decade, insurance companies have developed more sophisticated rating structures that could lend to a better rate for you today. You could have finished a basement or constructed an addition to the back of your home and forgot to adjust your policy. Some of these upgrades may even bear a discount that you could be benefiting from. Or, maybe you have had lifestyle changes that need to be addressed in your policy, such as the start of a home business or had a child go off to college. The list goes on and on!

Although no one is jumping at the bit to discuss and review insurance policies, it is time well invested. If you have been stagnant with your current insurance carrier for the past 10 years, what’s listed above are just a few of the many reasons it is in your best interest to complete an insurance review.

Ultimately, one of three things will happen: you will save money, you will fill coverage gaps and improve your protection or you will simply have peace of mind knowing that you had a professional review your policy and determine you already have the best value and protection for your needs.

Let Risk & Insurance Consultants help, and get an update on your 10 plus year old quote today! Just call Stephen English, our Personal Lines Practice Leaders, at 678-384-5490. Also, remember to follow us on Facebook.

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