Our Personal Insurance Consultants Can Help When Disaster Strikes

by R&I Consultants

Hurricane seasonNatural disasters have the ability to take us by storm, literally. Combining heavy rainfall, destructive winds, flooding and tornadoes, hurricanes are one of Mother Nature’s most vicious weapons. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these storms can blindside a community at the drop of a hat.

Whether it has been through personal experience or media spotlight, we have all witnessed the destruction hurricanes can reap on a community and the devastation they leave in their wake.

The 2013 hurricane season has begun, and it is crucial that families and communities take the time to prepare for a potential disaster. Even if you will not be affected, share these tips from Agility Recovery with those that may:

Before the Storm
•    Review your shelter-in-place plan, making sure your disaster kit is fully stocked with fresh batteries and supplies included.
•    Backup all data on servers and personal computers.
•    Protect/relocate vital records including your insurance policy.

During the Storm
•    Patrol the property continuously and watch for roof leaks, pipe breakage, fire or structural damage.
•    Constantly monitor any equipment that must remain on line.
•    During power failure, turn off electrical switches to prevent reactivation before necessary checks are completed.

Your People
•    Have all family members, employees, vendors and client contact information on hand.
•    During evacuation, have a central point of contact for everyone to ensure you know where your people are located.
•    Follow the storm; notify all critical people of next steps based on damage.

When a hurricane or other disaster strikes, you will be ready to act. In the meantime, be sure to talk with our amazing personal insurance consultants to make sure you are covered for anything—hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and more. Just call Risk & Insurance Consultants at 404-459-5975 today.

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