Why Don’t I Have Any Control Over the Claims My Company Pays?

by R&I Consultants

Company insurance claimsAs a commercial insurance consultants, we are often asked many questions about claims that companies pay. If your question is, “Why don’t I have any control over the claims my company pays?,” then we have your answer.

First of all, the key to maintaining control over claims filed against businesses is to take a proactive approach to minimize exposure.

To better understand how to make sure your company is proactive, here are a few steps:

1.    It is everyone’s responsibility to have a loss control mentality.

2.    To reduce the chance of serious injury, safety management systems must be set in place to:
•    Take corrective action on hazards that could cause future serious injuries
•    Review in-depth factors for incidents that will result in serious injury
•    Make it a point to address organizational, operational, technical and cultural causal factors.

Once your company is proactive, a strict adherence to the established protocols if a claim occurs in the future will reduce the exposure and minimize the impact of an accident or incident occurring. A few ways you can accomplish this is by:

1.    Collect as much information as possible up front
2.    Take photos
3.    Verify witnesses
4.    Management should be made aware of any danger and take appropriate steps to eliminate it

When a claim is reported, our team at Risk & Insurance Consultants will work closely with you to minimize its impact. Claims that are prevented or acted upon quickly are the best resource to control claims cost.

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