Answered: Top Questions about Life Insurance

by Jill Kitchen

Everyone needs life insurance in AtlantaWhen it comes to life insurance in Atlanta, there are many questions that we get asked daily. In this post, we will answer a couple of the most common ones.

The first one is regarding the great debate on whole life vs. term life. Which is best?

Well, choosing between them is pretty much like renting or owning a home. For instance, with whole life, you gain equity that can be saved for other purposes or passed on to your heirs. On the other hand, with term life, you are provided basic coverage against loss of life. Term life is also less expensive while whole life has an investment component.

Here are some more resources to walk you through the difference:

•    Whole Life vs. Term: There’s a Clear Winner Here, Life Health Pro
•    Term vs. Perm In 90 Seconds, Forbes

After customers work with us to choose between whole life and term life, another question we get asked is what is the best age to purchase life insurance?

A lot of people don’t like to hear this answer but EVERYONE needs life insurance, even a baby who is 10 days old! The reason for this is who can determine the future of our lives? No one! Think about cancer, diabetes, down syndrome, heart murmurs, tumors, etc. Anything can happen that is beyond our control, so purchasing life insurance at a young age can help keep the costs down and gives security by being qualified for coverage before something is diagnosed.

What experiences have you had that life insurance benefited you or your family? We would like to hear your stories, so comment below!

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