Fouls of Football Partying

by R&I Consultants

Host Liquor Liability Insurance in AtlantaIf you’ll be barking with the Dawgs or buzzing with GA Tech this season, be wary of the fouls of football partying. If you host a party with alcohol, you open yourself up to liability. You can even be held potentially responsible for incidents that occur after your guests leave.

However, most general liability insurance in Atlanta offers Host Liquor Liability. This coverage is defined as liability for bodily injury and property damage arising out of serving or distribution of alcohol by parties not engaged in this activity as a business enterprise.

In addition to having Host Liquor Liability, here are some tips to keep your guests safe:

•    Always serve plenty of non-alcoholic drink options.
•    Provide food, since eating slows the alcohol consumption into the blood stream.

•    Never serve alcohol to minors, even with their parents’ approval.
•    Limit your own drinking at your party so that you can observe your guests and keep a level head.
•    Offer shot glasses or jiggers to measure alcohol.
•    Consider hiring a bar tender for your party. It may be easier for a bar tender to tell someone that they have had enough.
•    Always offer to call a cab or have an alternate means of getting guests home. You can also offer them a place to stay for the night if you feel that they have had too much to drink.
•    Be careful who you invite. If you know someone is not a responsible drinker, don’t invite them.

With these tips, your football party will be a safe and foul-free one! For more information on the services Risk & Insurance Consultants provides, visit Facebook or call 404-459-5975.

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