Are You Snow-Covered? : Auto Insurance Sandy Springs

by R&I Consultants

Auto insurance in Sandy SpringsSnow in metro Atlanta means many things. Kids get out of school, families are building snowmen and many are warming up by cozy fires. However, for some, snow is not as exciting. This is especially true if you’re trying to drive in it.

From ice to unsafe motorists, danger is all around. Thanks to, here are some tips for driving in these conditions:

•    Slow down. Drive at half your normal speed and use a low gear.
•    Keep your lights on. Just like in the rain, make sure to have your lights on so others can easily see you coming.
•    Brake lightly. Tapping on your brakes to slow down or stop will help you avoid spinning out.

•    Beware of black ice. Usually located on bridges and overpasses, black ice is dangerous.
•    Watch for fallen trees and powerlines. Stay alert to potential road blocks.
•    Don’t pass DOT trucks. These trucks are working to clear the ice off the road. Let them do their jobs.
•    Stay back at least 100 feet from DOT trucks. In addition to not passing DOT trucks, stay your distance as well. They will be spreading salt and stone mixtures to get rid of the ice.
•    Watch out for other drivers. They can be hazards as much as the ice itself.

By following these tips, you should be “snow-covered.” As always, don’t drive without auto insurance in Sandy Springs. If you need coverage, contact Risk & Insurance Consultants today at (404) 459-5975.

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