The Benefits of Wedding Insurance

by R&I Consultants

Wedding insuranceThe bells are ringing, and there is a sea of white dresses, suits, bouquets and champagne around us. It’s wedding season! Did you know that the average cost of an American wedding is $28,000? That’s as much as a new car! You have car insurance, so isn’t it worth protecting your most special day with insurance too?

According to an article on Money Ning, wedding insurance usually costs between $100 and $500 depending on the extent of coverage. It’s beneficial because it covers items such as:

1.    Photography. Ever wonder what happens if your photographer doesn’t show up? With wedding insurance, you’ll get your money back.
2.    Wedding dress. Just in case you spill wine on your dress while trying it on before the big day, insurance will cover that too.

3.    Catering. If your caterer backs out a week before the wedding, you’ll get your funds back to find a last minute replacement before the big day.
4.    Venue. Did your venue get double-booked? No worries, just re-order your invites and use the insurance money to find another venue.

Most engaged couples take about a year to plan their weddings. A lot of unexpected surprises can pop up, even if you are highly organized. So, if you’re spending the big bucks for your dream wedding, or are on a tight budget where every dollar counts, a few hundred dollars will buy you some piece of mind. Plus, it could save you thousands in the event of the unexpected.

Will you be getting wedding insurance, or do you know anyone that has used it? Comment below.

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