It’s Your Big Day, Make Sure You’re Covered!

by R&I Consultants

Event InsuranceWe are in the midst of wedding and summer event season, but have you ever thought of the risk that comes along with these gatherings? From weddings and anniversary parties, to sweet sixteen birthdays and galas, people spend thousands of dollars on planning the perfect event. The financial risk you run by planning an event can be protected by special event insurance.

Though it is commonly referred to as “wedding insurance,” this type of policy can cover any sort of special event. This coverage exists to protect you financially in the case that your event has to be cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather, natural disasters or the death or serious illness of a main participant. These policies often times cover the non-appearance of an officiate or vendor as well.

Additional coverage can be added to these policies including protection of gowns and tuxedos, theft or damage of gifts, financial protection of the honeymoon and even liquor liability coverage. As the host of the party, you are responsible if an accident were to occur as a result of alcohol served at the event. Also, certain policies may offer liability insurance in the case that an attendee is injured at the event. Many venues offer this coverage, however you might want to look into purchasing it from your provider if you are holding an event at home.

When shopping for special event insurance, be sure to find out what is specifically covered by the policy, how much the policy will cost and how much compensation to expect if the event is cancelled or postponed.

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