Insure Your College Student before School Starts

by R&I Consultants

Renters InsuranceWith the summer holiday drawing to a close, back to school is right around the corner. For many, that means heading off to college for another semester. Though you may not think about it, college students are armed with an expensive arsenal of possessions. Make sure your student’s belongings are protected by covering them with renters insurance.

From laptops and textbooks to futons and televisions, college students have a lot they need to protect. Renters insurance can provide this protection, and it can be afforded on a college budget. Most policies run for about ten dollars a month – a great deal when you think about all the money this could save you in the event something is stolen or damaged.

Renters insurance provides protection over a wide range of possessions. Computers, gaming devices, iPhones, graphing calculators, televisions, bicycles and more can all be protected from theft or damage by a renters insurance policy. This form of coverage can also protect against personal liability in the event someone is to get hurt at your student’s place.

Most parents’ homeowners insurance policies will cover their students who are living in college dorms or in off-campus housing under the age of 24. However, property usually located at your student’s residence is limited to 10 percent of the contents coverage on your homeowners policy. For instance, if you have $80,000 in contents coverage on your policy, than $8,000 would extend to the belongings your student takes away to school. With that said, it is recommended in certain situations that a separate renters insurance policy be written to protect your student’s belongings.

Don’t let your student head off to college without the protection they need! To learn more about renters insurance, call one of our insurance agents in Sandy Springs today at 404-459-5975.

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