Risk Management & Loss Control

Our experts will take an active role in controlling your insurance costs by preventing a claim before it happens. We implement proven loss control solutions by utilizing communication, training and comprehensive risk assessment tools. We focus on the recognition, evaluation and control of risk within your business that makes a difference by providing innovative solutions and loss prevention for your business. Let our experts walk you through the process today.


  • OSHA Outreach Training Program
  • Ergonomics
  • Supervisor Development
  • Defensive Driving / Fleet Safety
  • Safety Meetings / Topic Specific
  • Customized Training Outline

Program Development

  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Written Programs/Policies
  • Hiring Practices – HR
  • Fleet Safety

On Site Assessments

  • Physical Plant or Jobsite surveys
  • Recommendations for enhancements
  • Assistance in OSHA Compliance

No two organizations are alike and require specialized, customizable services to address the cost of risk. Our specialized services meet the challenges of a diversified environment and your industry’s exposure to risk. These are a few examples:

Industrial Hygiene
These services are offered to identify, evaluate and ultimately help you control risks associated with personnel exposures. Evaluation of Respiratory Protection needs, assessment of volatile organic compounds in air, or monitoring for potential mold are a few services offered to reduce potential personnel exposure.

Loss Control & Claims Review
This process is a coordinated effort to analyze your loss history and trending over time to target the driving factors of your claims cost. Our professionals can help you lower your cost of risk by managing the frequency and severity of potential loss.

Slip & Fall Protection
Each year, over 1 million people are injured because of slips and falls on level surfaces. Many of these injuries are serious, including broken bones, twisted ankles and knees, muscle strains, cuts and head injuries. And some of these injuries are even fatal; an estimated 500 people die each year from slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall accidents contribute significantly to insurance and operational costs. Our slip and fall prevention program is targeted to address the direct and indirect costs of these accidents.

Business solution services provide access to a wealth of information, compliance resources and solutions designed to help you manage your cost of risk. We have negotiated arrangements with proven vendors to offer special pricing and/or free unlimited access to risk management services for our clients.

Drug Free Workplace
We have the expertise and knowledge for the full implementation of a certified drug free workplace program for your business. The program is designed according to State requirements to meet the standard for an additional discount on your workers compensation program. We handle all of the details including the written program, training and set-up of drug screening facilities. The implementation of a drug free workplace program also provides the following:

  • Avoid lost productivity
  • Keep medical costs under control
  • Manage employee turnover
  • Avoid or reduce the impact of workers’ compensation claims

Employment Drug Testing: through our approved vendor we offer drug testing services at preferred terms exclusively for our clients. Three drug-testing alternatives are available:

ORALscreen: instant saliva-based drug testing
The entire ORALscreen collection process is performed face to face with the donor, which eliminates the possibility of sample adulteration. ORALscreen provides results within 15 minutes and offers a four-panel screen for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana.

Status Cup Plus: instant urine analysis
Use Status Cup Plus to administer drug tests in your office and receive results in less than 10 minutes. This self-enclosed system protects the test administrator from contact with urine at all times and helps eliminate spills or leaks. The device offers a five-panel screen, detecting the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and PCP.

Lab-Based Drug Screening: Urine Analysis
Employers who use this system prefer its “hands off” approach to drug testing, as a third-party administrator oversees the drug-testing program. The ScreenNow network of more than 12,000 collection sites ensures access to a facility near you or your candidate.

Pre-Employment Screening

This service provides instant online, secure and FCRA compliant background reports, allowing you to make faster hiring decisions, increase productivity and maintain a safe work environment. The service is easy to use, fast and affordable. There are no hidden costs and no monthly fees. As a client of Risk & Insurance Consultants customer you receive a 10% discount for each report and pay only for reports you order.

Background screening services offered by our approved vendor include:

Instant Reports

  • National Criminal File
  • State Criminal Database Search
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Credit History Checks
  • Identity and Social Security

Other Reports

  • State Sexual Offender Search
  • County Courthouse Search
  • Federal Courthouse
  • Education Verification
  • Employment History
  • Credential Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Workers’ Compensation Records

Fleet/Driver Safety Management

Driver’s Alert is a vehicle-monitoring program that encourages feedback from the public in a positive manner. Working as an early warning system through vehicle monitoring, fleet operators receive ongoing feedback regarding unsafe acts and at risk driving practices to identify those drivers that may need assistance. Driver’s Alert customers report reductions in accident frequency and DOT reportable accidents after implementing a vehicle-monitoring program.

Driver’s Alert Benefits

Operations: Reduced vehicle incidents correlate to reduced operating expenses, i.e., vehicle repairs, downtime, equipment replacement, personnel injures cargo losses and personnel recruiting.

Insurance: Insurance costs increase with accidents. Lower accident frequency and severity translates into lower insurance premiums.

Improved Efficiency: Reduced incident frequency increases on-time arrivals and overall downtime of vehicles and personnel. In addition, management’s time may be dedicated to operational profitability rather than completing police reports, accident investigations, insurance reports, etc.

Public Image: The display of Driver’s Alert decals promotes an increased awareness of safe driving techniques and safe driving habits by company drivers. This in turn increases public awareness of courteous behavior and the company’s commitment to safety.

Your exceptional service has allowed us to meet, if not exceed, our customers’ needs and expectations. We have truly found a partner in R&IC. Sherri Holcombe, Risk Administrator, GTO 2000